Get out of the Box

I have needed this quote several times in the last week. It beautifully illustrates that to live a peaceful and happy life, we need to be clear on principles, but have charity for ourselves and others on how those principles are practiced. Sometimes in our pursuit of living a principle we close ourselves into aContinue Reading

You are Enough

This crazy world of comparison can often make it hard to believe that who we are is already amazing. As I have studied the topic of identity this year, one of my most surprising discoveries for me has been in the realization that what we ‘do’ and what we ‘have’ is not our true identity.Continue Reading

You Are Good for People

“I realized that one of the reasons I’d been so isolated was because I’d subconsciously believed I wasn’t all that good for people. It’s true what I’m saying. If our identity gets broken, it affects our ability to connect. And I wonder if we’re not all a lot better for each other than we previouslyContinue Reading

Holding on to the wrong things

Oddly enough, some of the wrong things that I have held onto, have showed up for me this week in my dreams. Like when I remembered what I thought was a random event at age 17 when some friends hurt me deeply and we were never friends again. Or when I recalled the rejection fromContinue Reading

Hiding Our True Self

Impressing others reminds me of cotton candy. It’s one of life’s greatest disappointments. It looks like it’s going to be magical and tasty. Yet the moment you take a bite, it disappears into a sticky residue. It never ever satisfies like you hope it will. True connection with others is like a feast. It’s longContinue Reading

The Value of Time

So what constitutes “Apply it well”? I think I’ve had a false impression on what well spent time actually looks like. So often in the pursuit of life balance, I get trapped into thinking of life as a checklist instead of a feel-list. Asking, “how do I want to feel” is a great way toContinue Reading

Take Time to Get Away

“Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.” Barbara de Angelis I loved the recent advice I heard from Greg McKeown, author of “Essentialism”. He suggested that every person plan for a 24hr off site retreat every 90 days. This isn’t some grand vacation, orContinue Reading

The Truth about Worry

One of my favorite quotes of all time. Thank you Mark Twain for pointing out that most of the things we worry over never really happen. If you too struggle with anxiety, let this be a friendly nudge to relax and let go of the discomfort of worry. Several years ago when I was goingContinue Reading

Dealing with Expectations

So much stress comes from living by other people’s expectations. And too often we only have ourself to blame for taking them on. A few months ago I sat in a Mothers Day Tea for my kindergartener. The kids had yet to arrive and it was just a room full of moms, scrunched into theirContinue Reading

Dropping Perfectionism

Yesterday I was determined to have the ‘perfect’ day. I got up at 5:30 a.m., climbed a mountain, meditated, worked, cleaned the house, did four loads of laundry, weeded my yard, made a meal plan, played with my children, sewed a quilt, and made a beautiful meal for dinner. Unfortunately, by the end of theContinue Reading