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One is true and one is false. No wonder it can often feel confusing to know who you really are! The false identity is the negative voice in your mind that scripture refers to as the natural man. Your true identity is your divine nature of who God designed you to be.

With today s culture of comparison, self-degradation, and social-media idolization, it is easy to lose sight of the true you and get buried under your false identity. But beneath the layers of society s expectations, the roles you fill, and the messages you've been told, you'll find your whole, perfect, and worthy self. Just as the tiny acorn seed contains the blueprint to grow into a mighty oak tree, you too have within you the seed of greatness. Filled with self-building exercises and tools, this empowering book will help you begin experiencing more of your life in the best way ever--as you!

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* Bonus chapter, "Identity Tools for Kids". How to adapt this information to raise kids in their True Identity.

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