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Your To-BE List

If I wasn’t careful, I could easily give-up. My to-do list is usually a mile long with some crazy unrealistic expectations. I often find myself living in a dream world of “as soon as I get this project accomplished then life will be smooth sailing”. Its taken me thirty years to realize that I amContinue Reading

Do you regret not finding your passion earlier?

Today’s post comes from an intriguing question that arrived from Shauna in my email inbox. She says, Q: Do you regret studying music in school? Do you wish that you would have known about your passion for photography when you were trying to discover what it was you wanted to do? Would you have studiedContinue Reading

The $100 Startup + GIVEAWAY

This fabulous amazon bestseller book has been delivered to my doorstep on three separate occasions this month and I finally finished the last page last night.  Truly an incredible resource for any starting entrepreneur and even those already settled into business will find several new and refining ideas to tweak and refine what you have already started. ChrisContinue Reading

How To Have REAL Life Balance

Do you ever feel like you are chasing this illusive dream of the perfectly balanced life that may or may not be possible? It’s easy to fill our lives with exciting things. The more people you have in your home the more exciting things get added, until sometimes you might just be a little crazyContinue Reading

What I Learned Stepping Away From My Photography Business

  I’ve had quite the personal journey in the last year and a half concerning my personal relationship with photography and the role it plays in my life. I started shooting for money in 2006, finally got official in 2008 and by the close of 2010 I was ready to quit photography forever. I wasContinue Reading

Book Review: The Art of Non-Conformity

I know the old fashioned caution, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. But honestly, that is exactly what I did with this one. One day while searching on amazon for a book for Ben titled, The Art of Deception, The Art of Non-Conformitycame up in amazon’s suggested reads based off my search.  I immediatelyContinue Reading

How Can Photography Make You A Better Mom?

I hated babysitting when I was a kid and I have never really considered myself very good around children. It wasn’t a surprise to me that despite being excited to become a mother, I was also slightly terrified that I wouldn’t enjoy the experience. So far, I’m delighted to report that motherhood is a wholeContinue Reading

My new secret to success

I was really excited to share with Ben over dinner my new discovery for success. “I finally figured out the secret!!” I exclaimed with beaming pride at my own intelligence. “Successful people are not necessarily more talented than others. They are just really good at doing hard things.” He just looked at me and thenContinue Reading

How to Discover What Makes You Unique As a Photographer

“You must define yourself as a photographer.” “You need to find out what makes you unique.” “You need to set yourself apart from the competition.” These are all common business and marketing tenants that I hear regularly, but how do you define what really makes you unique? Is it really your images? In today’s world,Continue Reading

Why you shouldn’t seek for a balanced life.

A consistent theme I see reappear again and again in my free writing sessions each morning is my quest for balance and how to achieve it. Sometimes I’m on top of it. Other times I’m dragging behind. One morning while praying I had this simple tiny thought enter my mind that changed my entire paradigm.Continue Reading