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Cutting out or cutting back. Making room for the best things.

Letting Go of Your Armor


I’ve used my own strategy for escape lately. For me it takes the form of over indulgence in home-decor podcasts and planning projects on pinterest. Innocent enough, I’ve used it to arm against feelings and problems I haven’t wanted to face. My previous post touched on the principle of being empty in order to receive. For me, I can use this ‘armor’ to the point that it fills up so much space inside my head and heart that there is no more room for anything else. Our armor can often take the form of good things, but when we begin to live exclusively there, we miss the flow of the other life experiences around us that give life it’s color and variety and richness. Do you have your own armor? What is it? What is your escape? Are you ready to redefine that relationship? #reallifebalance


Write and Burn

Have you ever heard of the write and burn method? A spiritual mentor of mine introduced it to me this week. For years I have been doing Julia Cameron’s “Morning Pages” ritual, that consists of journaling stream of conscious thought for ten minutes. It’s a great way to get junk out of our subconscious soContinue Reading

Get out of the Box

I have needed this quote several times in the last week. It beautifully illustrates that to live a peaceful and happy life, we need to be clear on principles, but have charity for ourselves and others on how those principles are practiced. Sometimes in our pursuit of living a principle we close ourselves into aContinue Reading

Holding on to the wrong things

Oddly enough, some of the wrong things that I have held onto, have showed up for me this week in my dreams. Like when I remembered what I thought was a random event at age 17 when some friends hurt me deeply and we were never friends again. Or when I recalled the rejection fromContinue Reading

Hiding Our True Self

Impressing others reminds me of cotton candy. It’s one of life’s greatest disappointments. It looks like it’s going to be magical and tasty. Yet the moment you take a bite, it disappears into a sticky residue. It never ever satisfies like you hope it will. True connection with others is like a feast. It’s longContinue Reading

Dealing with Expectations

So much stress comes from living by other people’s expectations. And too often we only have ourself to blame for taking them on. A few months ago I sat in a Mothers Day Tea for my kindergartener. The kids had yet to arrive and it was just a room full of moms, scrunched into theirContinue Reading

Dropping Perfectionism

Yesterday I was determined to have the ‘perfect’ day. I got up at 5:30 a.m., climbed a mountain, meditated, worked, cleaned the house, did four loads of laundry, weeded my yard, made a meal plan, played with my children, sewed a quilt, and made a beautiful meal for dinner. Unfortunately, by the end of theContinue Reading

When Things Go Wrong

When Things go wrong, don’t go with them.” Elvis Presley. Brooke: I’m still learning the marvelous truth that we are not our feelings. We can feel anger, but we don’t have to become angry. We can feel frustrated, but we don’t have to become frustrated. We can feel irritable, but we don’t have to becomeContinue Reading

Entrepreneurship vs. Social Media

As an entrepreneur, do you ever feel exhausted by the obligation of social media? The constant pressure to post, publish, tweet, share, update your status, and gain exposure? I have good news. You can relax and do more of what you really love. Your creative work. I was recently inspired by Cal Newport’s article onContinue Reading

Writing a New Identity

It’s been thirteen years since my first identity crisis… I found myself in a new country for eighteen months embarking on the adventure of being a missionary. Here I was wearing dresses and being called “Sister” and doing things each day that were new and hard and often times discouraging. Even though I was justContinue Reading