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Holding Space


Everything in this world is made of energy, and just as a single tuning fork that is struck will cause adjacent tuning forks to also resonate at that same frequency, the same holds true for our experience of emotions in life. How many times have I encountered a sad or angry person and felt my own energy drop and begin to resonate at that same level? Or the times that I have been low and encountered the vibrant energy of someone who is happy and in a good space and I’ve felt my own energy rise to resonate higher? It is hard for those separate energies to co-exist in the same space… so who is going to change? One or the other inevitably will.

Understanding this concept has brought new perspective to the challenge of parenting. I have a child right now who is struggling with anger. His energy is so strong and forceful. I often times end up syncing to his energy and becoming defensive and angry myself. But understanding this concept is helping me realize the power that I have if I “HOLD THE SPACE” of light and love. If I can stay there, remain open, the other energy begins to change by natural law. The moments I have been able to do this have been miraculous and proven true. How do you ‘hold space’ for others? #reallifebalance


Camera’s for Sale

Looking to upgrade your camera? I’m selling two of my Nikon camera bodies. 1. Nikon D700 FX (Full frame camera). My favorite DSLR camera in the history of ever. UPDATE: SOLD Used Great Condition $845 2. Nikon D7000 Body UPDATE: SOLD Used Great Condition $450.00 Please email me if interested. Brooke Snow is theContinue Reading

Sale Extended: To Be a Part of the Rescue

My husband came into my office late last night to find me holding back tears and staring speechless at the computer screen. I was supposed to be finalizing things for my sale, but got distracted by an 8 minute trailer for The Abolistionists Documentary. Abolitionists Teaser 4-04-14 from FletChet Entertainment on Vimeo. It was suchContinue Reading

Scholarship Opportunity

Only 24 hrs. left in my Farewell Sale. All courses are 60% off and include Lifetime Membership. After December 3rd, these courses will no longer be available to the public for purchase on my site. Full Scholarship I’m awarding 3 Full Scholarships to my entire collection of courses. 1. Talent Based 2. Need Based 3.Continue Reading

My Farewell Sale

There are two important things to note for my Farewell Sale: 1. All courses are 60% off Now-Dec. 3rd. 2. It’s the last time you can buy them from me on my membership site, and the only time these courses will be offered at this price. A Bitter Sweet Goodbye This fall marked my fourthContinue Reading

Who’s fault is it? My Best & Worst Experiences in Front of the Camera

“A portrait, no matter how objective we try to be, is a photograph of the encounter between the photographer and the subject. An awkward encounter will likely result in awkward photographs, while an encounter that puts the subject at ease will increase the chance of creating portraits that reveal something genuine about the subject.” –DavidContinue Reading

I’m Selling My Gear

It’s time to clear out many things that I don’t use any longer. If you see something that delights your fancy, please send me an email at (Please add $5 Shipping on all items in continental U.S.) Photo Gear Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S ED VR II Nikkor Telephoto Zoom Lens for Nikon DX-Format DigitalContinue Reading

Life’s Burdens and Why You Need Them

Do you ever fool yourself into thinking, “As soon as life settles down I’ll be able to ___________.” ? For so many years I functioned from this myth that peace and progress only come during calm moments. After all, isn’t that the essence of peace? The absence of chaos? “As soon as I graduate I’llContinue Reading

Semi Annual Sale on All Courses

It only happens twice a year. Once in November. Once in April. From now through April 26th all courses on my website are $150 off (That’s 50% off regular price for most courses!). If you’ve been waiting, now is the perfect time to invest in your photography education. CHECK OUT THE COURSE LINEUP: Shoot LikeContinue Reading

My Confession for Anti-Enlargement Photography

When I first joined the photography industry several years ago there was such a push towards large canvas wall galleries. I admit with all my heart that there is something simply stunning about seeing a large photograph. It can be a show stopper. But as I prepare to move to a new house I mustContinue Reading