Photography has played an important role in my life. Ten years of exploring, starting a business, and teaching classes, have culminated in several valuable resources!

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The Photographers Element

Full Length Photography Classes

I’m thrilled to have partnered with The Photographers Element. They feature five of my photography courses, with full participation student experiences led by their own amazing instructors. Watch the TPE registration calendar for:

Mastering Manual
Mastering Light
Finding Your Voice
From Practice to Portfolio
Spark: Next Level Photography

Lifetime Membership Site

Lifetime Membership Site

Lifetime membership to my online photography classes is no longer available for public purchase. If you’re already a member and looking for a direct link to the site, click HERE.


My Favorite Photography Books and Resources
The Ultimate Camera Buying Guide

The following articles are my favorite posts that get down to the heart of WHY and HOW I photograph best:

Why I Photograph
21 Ways to Be A Professional Photographer For Your Own Family
How Can Photography Make You a Better Mom?
Everyone is Photogenic
My Big Original Mistake
The Spirit of Authenticity
Emotions Are Not Trendy
The Power of Conversation in Your Photography
Finding Your Style
Embrace Your Limitations
The World Is Not Fed On Prize Winning Tomatoes

My Life Documented

My Lifestyle Videos Portfolio
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